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FREE Unlimited Email Addresses with Catch-All. 
FREE WebMail Portal for worldwide access. 
FREE 100-Pack Forwarding Addresses   (Lets you send your new mail where you already receive mail.) 
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$1 Cheap Domains (and cheaper!) come with big inclusions — everything our competition wishes they could provide, and more.  All Our Cheap (and Free!) Domains include:

  • Free Unlimited Email Addresses on your New Domain with Email Catch-All (Aliasing)
  • Email "Catch-All" lets you funnel all mail to any address on your new .COM domain name into a single, Spam-Free email address.
  • Online WebMail Portal lets you access your email from anywhere in the world with internet access, on any device with web access — Log right in from our Website!
  • No special apps required to get and send mail.  Works with just about all POP3 email clients, including older legacy software!
  • Includes a Master Email Account on your New Domain, plus...
  • Forward mail from up to 100 free email addresses to other mail providers like gmail or our Spam-Free Personal and Business Email Accounts.   


Professionals and New Users alike all  Love Love Love!  our Easy yet Powerful Controls (and Security!)

  • ALL FREE, Starting with Full DNS Zone Control for Your New Domain Name and for any Sub-Domains You Choose To Create on your domain.  You control:
    • A Records: definitive host location record, on any IP or Name-Servers, or to an upstream host's DNS Zone, a DNS Service, DNS Cluster, or even Dynamic DNS for home or portable hosting over frequently changing IP addresses, if you desire
    • AAAA Records: serve the same purpose as (above) A Records, but for IPv6 Addresses, now very commonly in use, and probably already assigned to you if you're on a non-HostingDude.com server
    • CNAME Records: "canonical" (common-name) domain (or sub-domain) pointing" to alternate server/host, DNS Cluster, aliasing, or other useful seamless re-direction by domain name 
    • TXT Records: For Domain, Identity, and Ownership validation, SSL Certificate validation, registration and verification with tracking services such as Google Analytics or Google Webmaster Tools, Alexa Rank Monitoring, or thousands of other site-monitoring services that require a TXT entry in your DNS Zone to identify/authenticate/verify your control over your new domain name
    • An Email Sender's MUST HAVE!  Those TXT Records are used provide crucial email sender authentication/validation via DKIM and SPF, protecting your outbound (SMTP relayed) mail against rejection by the 93% of transient and recipient servers requiring these must-have security records as spam-guards
    • MX and Mail Records with Priorities: Together these records set up your inbound mail routing and/or forwarding and/or resident mail servers whether hosted with HostingDude's Spam-Free Business-Class Email, or your own email servers, or even for external "third-party" mail services if desired.
    • PTR Records: Pointers give your new domain name Reverse DNS (IP resolves to name or site) allow a vast array of options from IP-based hosting on your servers or 3rd-party servers, to fancy tricks like reverse pass-through and redirection via anything from an NGINX server to a reverse mod_proxy configured Apache server.  Plus all the basics that PTR records are valuable for, including improving SEO.
    • (For most above "advanced" PTR Record uses, a Dedicated IP address is required — available here (just follow that highlighted link) along with low pricing on the most options in SSL Certificates to secure your hosted domain — options such as multi-domain, elevated validations, multi sub-domain wildcard certificates and server-wide wildcards, with multi-year term options for less frequent renewal/re-issuance hassles.)
    • SRV Records: Tell the world your server's location, improving SEO when properly utilized.
    • Many, many more record types and features — too much to cover here, granting you full DNS Control over your new domain name  

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  • Free NameServer Creation and Control including IPv4 or IPv6 Address Assignment to new NameServers that you create right here in your Easy yet Powerful Domain Control Center
  • Free Domain Name Forwarding via DNS Zone Records or Easy Forwarding on our Parked Nameservers
  • Free Domain Name Masking of Forwarded Domains via our Easy Domain Name Forwarding on our Parked Nameservers
  • Free Domain Name Locking for Secure Ownership
  • Free Domain Name Alerts advise you of anyone attempting to change your registration or named domain owner/admin or other records
  • Free, No Hassle Domain Name Change of Ownership/Registrant - IN or OUT, enjoy our full assistance from our dedicated Transfer Concierge team!
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Our Products:  Everything You Need For Website Success

Quick Shopping Cart® Website

  • Complete Online Store - Full, Unique eCommerce Site!
  • Up in Minutes. Product Catalog, Photos, Cart, Checkout.
  • Integrates with Payments, Shipping, Accounting, More.
  • Cross-Selling. Suggestions. Search, SKU, Modern and Secure. 
  • Same Tools the Pros Use, Already Built In.
$1 Shopping Cart Website

Everything You Need... Including the Online Store!

Complete Hosted Website, Product Catalog, Product Inventory, Product Photos, SKUs, Product Search, Customer Product Ratings, Payment-Integration, Sales Platform-Integration, Full Shopping Cart, Discounts/Promo Offers, Cross-Sell Suggestions... Everything and More!


We Include the Full Website with the Store! And it's our easy, legendary HostingDude click-n-build interface so you don't need technical skills to sell, sell, SELL online starting today!

$1 Online Store

Automatically creates your Product Catalog, with your product photos, as you enter them. Just copy-and-paste or drag-and-drop and the store is built for you! And your Customers can Browse by Menu or Search for Products from any term product title, description, or specifications you added — it's already there, pre-built into the Website Store for you!

$1 Shopping Cart Website

Accepts credit cards, integrates with Google® and eBay®, and gives you (and your customers if you wish) Multiple Shipping Options – all with No Set-Up Fees like you're finding elsewhere.

Or, Fit It Seamlessly Into Your Current Website!

Already have a great website, but you just need a Product Catalog, Cart, and Checkout to Sell Online? We've got you. Use one of our many Customizable Themes and Exact Color Choices to Coordinate with your Existing Store as Added Product Pages — Or just Embed your Online Store's Products, Images, Catalog, etc., to Appear "Inside" your Existing Website. Match and Sell like a Pro!

Pick Your Shopping Cart Website with FREE SSL Security!

Quick Shopping Cart - Instant, SSL-Secure eCommerce Website
Drag-and-Drop to Build an Online Store with Cart & Payments!

Quick Shopping Cart

Economy Plan

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Still Includes All Features!

$8.99$7.64 /month

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Try it Out for Pennies!  Fewer Products, Same Online Sales Engine.  Full Design Features.  Expand Any Time!

  ALL Plans Include:

Free SSL Security forever on your plan!
Browser "Padlock" Icon
and 2048-bit Encryption Reassures Visitors and Keeps Them Safe


  Economy Plan Includes:

• 20-Product catalog

• 1 Image per product

• 1 GB disk space

• 150 GB bandwidth

• FREE hosting

Quick Shopping Cart

Deluxe Plan

Tons More Products, 5 Times the Pictures, 10 GB of Space!

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Free SSL Security forever on your plan!
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and 2048-bit Encryption Reassures Visitors and Keeps Them Safe


  Deluxe Plan Includes:

• 100-Product catalog

• 5 Images per product

• 10 GB disk space

• 500 GB bandwidth

• FREE hosting

Quick Shopping Cart

Premium Plan

Fully Unlimited for a Massive Catalog ...still pennies a day!

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Sell Unlimited Items and Images.  All the Resources for a Gargantuan, Mega-Revenue-Producing Store.


  ALL Plans Include:

Free SSL Security forever on your plan!
Browser "Padlock" Icon
and 2048-bit Encryption Reassures Visitors and Keeps Them Safe


  Premium Plan Includes:

• Unlimited Product catalog

• 10 Image per product

• 50 GB disk space

• 1000 GB bandwidth

• FREE hosting

Special Free Extra(s):  When Periodically Offered:  Not currently, but Sign up for our Specials Notifications to be the first to get the word!

+ FREE .COM Domain Name!
Up to three (3) years free!  1 Year Free with 12-Month Plan;  2 Years Free with 24-Month Plan;  3 Years Free with 36-Month Plan

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How it works: Online fast. Results that last.

Make your store as unique as your products.

With hundreds of design options to choose from, you can customize your store to fit your style. However you decide to design your site, it still comes down to three basic steps.

Choose a Design

  • Select from 1,500+ designs and 256,000 colors, in millions of possible combinations.
  • Choose from 14 Category page styles
  • Then pick from 11 Product Detail page styles
  • So many choices and combinations are possible, no two stores are ever alike
  • Customize! Add your logo, match your business's colors, fonts, images, menus...
  • Build a whole website (included!),
  • Already up? Make this your sales module, fully coordinated with your site!
$1 Managed WordPress
$1 .COM Domain Name Registration

Add Your Products

  • Organize your products in categories and subcategories.
  • Specify product details: SKU, description, pricing, options, inventory tracking.
  • Create featured products, sale pricing and coupons.
  • Choose product associations, cross-sells and up-sells.
  • Use the Store Setup Wizard to walk you through shipping, tax and payment options.

Start Selling

  • Preview your store before you publish it.
    Offer secure customer registration and easy-to-use customer checkout.
  • Accept major credit cards, PayPal Express Checkout and more.
  • Ship to USA, Canada, Mexico, and more than 100 additional countries.
  • View reports to track revenue, orders and website performance.

Powerful Features, Easy Switch-On Setup

HostingDude.com's amazing Quick Shopping Cart makes it easy for anyone to start their own online store, but it also has a rich collection of advanced and powerful features, still easy-to-switch-on and easy-to-use, that allow you to enhance, manage and promote your store.

  • NEW! Brand New Version! Looks amazing, even on your customers' smartphones. Scales automatically for computer monitors, laptops, multi-size tablets, even smaller phones and devices.
  • Automatically adjusts to viewer's screen size with no input by you, no software code, not even the need to choose preferred sizes — it just works automatically, and beautifully.
  • Your Web Store becomes a Mobile Masterpiece — in a time when more than half of shoppers are on a mobile device such as smartphone or tablet — giving you the edge on your competition's old clunky sites!
  • Select from over 1,500 design and color combinations plus color<-choices that let you coordinate with your existing website if you're already online, but need to add a "Store".
  • Apply those 1500 combinations, and more choices, plus unique artwork and logos and your own logo to any of 14 Category page styles in each of which you can choose from 11 Product Detail layout styles...
  • We did the math — that's almost 250,000 combinations for a UNIQUE site even before considering 256,000 color choices that can be placed in dozens of locations, and we stopped counting at well over 60 Billion combinations, still before considering product and image differences.
  • Um, yeah, you can make Your Page Stand Out and you can do it with a few clicks.
  • That Unique Logo thing? Oh, we didn't forget — you can personalize the site with not only your logo, but with your own or commercial (licensed) branding and product images.
  • Make changes easily with click-&-type editing.
  • Easily customize your navigation to integrate your store with your main Website.

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